T Connector [TC]
T Connector [TC]
T Connector [TC]
T Connector [TC] T Connector [TC] T Connector [TC]

T Connector [TC]

T-Shaped connector for joining 3 beams together. 
Hardware (M6) included. Requires Size 5mm Hex Key to fasten (Not Included).
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Textured Powder Coat in Black or White

Now in Stock! Ships in 3 days (Unless bundled with longer delivery parts).

More than modular, it's a DIY tool.

Our patent-pending assembly system fits together like Lego™, so assembling Aalo furniture is easy, and you can break it down and reconfigure it a hundred times over.

Reusable and Recyclable. Sustainably Made.


From the start, our parts are made of aluminum and finished with powder coating process that contains zero VOCs and air pollutants.


Moving? Got new ideas?
With additional parts and add-ons, you can easily reconfigure your furniture a hundred times over to fit your needs.


If you must get rid of Aalo parts, remember they're recyclable. Better yet - we'll gladly take them back in exchange for a store credit.

Quality Materials.

Our common parts approach allows us to save costs on design and manufacturing, so we can invest heavily on quality materials. Our parts are made with only the best grade of aluminum with premium powder coat finish, for durable use in any settings.