What are the parts made out of?

Our connectors, beams, and panel components are made with high quality (a.k.a airplane-grade) aluminum. Our products are finished with textured powder coating for durable and premium surface results.

How strong are the parts?

Each of our furniture designs have recommended weight capacity on their respective product pages. For our DIY components, each connection points have recommended weight limit of 40 lbs. If you have any doubts or want to clarify with a specific use case for your design, please contact us at hello@aalo.co for a free consultation.

Where do you ship from?

Your orders will be shipped from our office (also a warehouse and everything else :p) in Kitchener, ON. Canada.

Where can I see Aalo products in person?

We're currently online only, but working hard on bringing more opportunities to get our products in the real world! Join our mailing list today and get updates on upcoming pop-ups / collaborations / other events.

If you're in Toronto/Kitchener area, let us know and we would be happy to grab a coffee and let you check out the parts!

Do you ship internationally?

Our current free shipping offer is only valid for customers in United States / Canada. We occasionally have promotions for international shipping, which is updated on our shipping & returns page.

What kind of designs can I make?

Sky's the limit! If you have any questions about your DIY design, don't hesitate to talk to us anytime, either via in-store messaging (right bottom corner) or at hello@aalo.co! 

Can I use standard pipes from a hardware store with Aalo connectors?

Yes, but it will require some extra fastening to be joined. Our connectors will fit into any round tube with 27.5mm (1.08") Inside Diameter. We still highly recommend sticking with our uniquely designed beams and panels for ease of assembly and high quality finish!

Do you offer any colors other than Black & White?

We're planning to add more colors in the future! If you have any suggestions, let us know anytime at hello@aalo.co.